Week 2:One Thing I Wish I was Smart Enough to Understand

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I continue to try, however never succeed, in grasping the complexties of John D. Browning's cerebral cortex


Changing It Up

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Hey y’all,

So I was inspired by the unique approach of Oskar and decided to approach my challenge in a unconventional way.  I am going to express the weekly theme in another medium, photography. So here we go…

I have a bit of catching up to do so let’s start with week one: Who am I?

To My Fellow Overacheiving Artsci

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How’s it going?

So either you fall into the category of the aforementioned title or you are my mother.  Regardless, welcome!

So I could write long paragraphs about how I am busy this summer, yet am still pursuing a weekly blog, but to save your precious time:

WHAT: Essay-A-Week Challange

BY: An awesome dude name Alec Thomson

WHY: So our IQ’s (g-d forbid) don’t drop.

So yes, it is 40 minutes after the first essay is due and I have yet to make a blog. Well, at least I am being true to my procrastinating self! (get it, GET IT….cause the theme is who am I. Bring in the graveyard, I just killed that one)

Anyways folks, that’s all she wrote.

Keep it Classy, San Diego.